Before embarking on this adventure we met people who had made similar voyages and credited the kindness of friends and strangers for their safety, comfort, success and happiness.  Having lived aboard since July, we now understand exactly what they mean. So many people have helped us along the way that we’ll never repay or even remember to mention everyone but we hope all will know how grateful we are. 

Michael Hoff & Debbie Adams

  • Not only did Michael find our boat, he planted the seed for this adventure and has helped every step of the way with advice (and an extra set of hands) when we bought Grace, refitted her, and planned our trip.  And as we have made our way down the coast behind their boat "Maddy", Michael and Debbie have offered helpful insights about anchorages, provisioning, free wi-fi, etc.  (And let’s not forget a free haircut from Debbie!) 

Grammie Terry and Ba

  • We’ll never be able to repay their kindness.  Lending hands whenever they could to help with the refit, providing a home for the four of us and our pets for 3 months between the sale of the house and the launch of Grace, taking care of the boys while we worked on Grace and while Megan and I spent a week getting comfortable sailing her, and being very helpful and easy crew for the first leg of our trip.  And who gave us the gift of music for our trip in the form of an Ipod that plays everyday.

Granny Lois and Uncle Muck Muck

  • More kindness we can never repay.  Granny is the originator of the story of Grace who lends her name to our vessel and watches over us.  Granny took good care of all of us for the month spent in Mystic finishing the refit.  And Granny gave us the gift of heat, light and a touch of comfortable elegance in the form of a beautiful brass oil lamp. It burns nightly in the saloon and its heat reminds us of Granny’s warmth.  And Uncle Muckle (aka Muck Muck) rearranged his entire writing schedule to entertain the boys while we were in Mystic and has encouraged and chauffeured Granny to come see us in Chesapeake City and future destinations.

Grampa Bruce (aka Brusi)

  • My Dad has encouraged our adventure and probably some of his sense of adventure and feeling that you can do anything you put your mind to has indirectly helped us to make this happen.  Thanks to him we are staying in touch with friends and family via this website built with the Adobe software he graciously purchased for us.

Grampa Martin & Grammie Sue

  • Grampa Martin and Grammie Sue entertained us for a wonderful week while Grace was anchored in Provincetown, ferried us back and forth, loaned us their car, took us on a major provisioning trip to Hyannis in the middle of the summer season, and let us do countless loads of laundry. They have been very encouraging every step of the way.

Larry & Susan Burkett

  • The previous owners of Indulgence which became our Grace.  Larry & Susan have answered all our questions and provided countless insights.  Most importantly they had a wonderful boat built, and then outfitted and maintained it well.  We couldn’t be happier with Grace.

Mark Stauber of Watermark Yachts who helped us purchase Grace

Cap Leonard of Associated Marine Surveyors who confirmed Grace was a good ship

All our friends at CBVH, Tibbetts and back in Portland

The friendly staff at Maine Yacht Center

  • Zach
  • Fleming
  • Miles
  • Neil
    • Special thanks for help with our engine and good advice following his family's adventure on Zora.
  • Julie
  • Karen
  • Mason
  • Nate
  • Steve
  • Brian

Rufus Allen for a safe slip on Mason's Island during the Labor Day storm which damaged boats nearby

Peter Briggs who graciously re-commissioned his mooring for our use while on Mason’s Island

The caretaker at Allen Island who gave us a free mooring for the night

The guys at Port Chester Yacht Club who let us stay at their best slip as their guests when we needed it most.

The staff at West Marine in Portland, ME and Mystic, CT

The staff at Hamilton Marine in Portland, ME

Uncle Philsy who provided some friendly reassuring company during our first week of sailing

Paul at Mason's Island Yacht Club who asked around to find a free mooring for us at Mason’s Island

The riggers at Mystic Shipyard

The Kniffins

  • Amy, Dave, Nelle, Jack and Peter gave us a nice break from the rain, played with the boys, fed us a wonderful dinner and let us do laundry and take showers.

Tommy, Marguerite, Auden & Julian

The mechanic in Atlantic Highlands who donated a fitting for our engine when no parts store could help

Gary Robertson, the Chesapeake City Town Manager who welcomed us to his city, helped us at the free municipal dock and asked around to help us find needed services.

Friends Dave Molot and Lisa Dwyer who have been receiving and hopefully holding ;-) mail for us as we approach the Potomac and DC.

Tom at Mad Parts who has been extremely helpful getting us the right Perkins starter at a great price when we didn't have any part numbers.

Tara Quinn (410-924-4083) who did a great job repairing and renewing our headsail in 24 hours and at a great price while we were in Annapolis.