10 Feb 2007 – Staniel Cay Valentines Day Festival

Still calm waters (20' yet a perfect view
of the bottom) motoring from Black Point
The crew on the bow
Enjoying the perfect view of the bottom
though still waters
Hmmm... street festival or play on the beach?
Chrissy, Buzz & Rosemary's (Steadfast)
daughter displaying her watercolors
Off to explore
I want this car!
The Valentine's Day Festival
Friends from Spoony
Swimming with friends from Spoony & Rio Dulce
Searching for the nurse sharks
that swim right here
A great day!

With a boatload of fresh, clean clothes we pull anchor at Black Point and motor back to Staniel.  The water is the calmest we have ever seen.  In fact the reflection of the sky is so perfect that we almost think there’s fog over the ocean to the east.  In reality, you can’t see the horizon because the clouds are reflected so perfectly that it all just looks like gray fog.  As the sun comes up more, we are treated to the best uninterrupted view of the bottom that we’ve seen.  The water is so still its like looking through a lookbucket.

Motoring back, Megan takes the boys to the bow to watch the bottom through the clear water.  You can spot a 5” starfish twenty feet down.  Amazing!

We drop anchor in Staniel by 10:00 and get ready to go into the annual Valentine’s Day Festival to raise money for the local library.  Next to the town beach are small booths with BBQ chicken, conch stew and cold Kaliks (Bahamian beer).  We spot Chrissy, the daughter of our friends on Steadfast.  She is selling the fantastic watercolors she has been doing while on her vacation here.

The boys are thrilled to find the kids from Spoony and Rio Dulce as well as a few local boys.  They all play tirelessly on the beach.  Finn & Teague don life jackets and go swimming off the beach.  Later a few nurse sharks come swimming by… we’ve adjusted to life down here… the nurse sharks don’t raise alarms just interest.  They’re pretty harmless and fun to watch as they lazily work along the sand (not like the reef sharks I’ll see the next day while spearfishing).

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