19 Jan 2007 – Rose Island

Tiamo - our cousins (the Brownriggs) boat at sunrise
Robin the chef on land and sea
Teague hanging out on Tiamo
Robin driving his "tender"
Finn on the tender
The best seat on the boat...
Cracking coconuts
Still cracking coconuts...
Daddy, are you still cracking that coconut?
Happy Feet
Really happy feet!

Having completed all our repairs in Nassau we are so happy to be able to escape on Saturday morning to meet my cousin Robin Brownrigg and his family at Rose Island.  We motor out to Rose Island where we also find Michael and Debbie.  Soon Tiamo, the Brownrigg’s boat, arrives.  And Robin and Andrea begin to spoil us as they will for the next day! They arrive bringing fresh conch salad and Andrea's famous Bahama Mama's for lunch.

After naps, Megan and the boys explore the island and I help Robin to assemble his new grill.  After getting cleaned up we are invited back to Tiamo for dinner.  We are treated to a wonderful meal of salmon cooked perfectly on the new grill and, as always, wonderful company.

The next morning the hospitality continues with another fantastic meal aboard Tiamo.  Kienan, Robin & Andrea’s youngest daughter, had a commitment the night before but is going to join us later today.  Finn & I join Robin, Brittany and Brittany’s friend in Tiamo Too!!! to head back to Nassau to pick up Kienan.  Tiamo Too!!! is an 18 foot inflatable with a 150 hp outboard.  This is about the biggest fastest tender you could imagine! 

Finn has a ball sitting on my lap as we jump the waves in this fast little boat.  But once Kienan joins us, he doesn’t want to sit near me anymore.  No, the little ladies man finds a spot between the three girls and makes himself quite comfortable!

Robin, Andrea and the girls depart later that day.  We stay for one more night and do a little exploring on the north side of the island.  We have a really nice time exploring with the boys, cracking coconuts and just enjoying being together.  It’s a really nice evening to cap off a great weekend with our family.

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