27 Dec 2006 – Pelican Harbor Marina, Miami

Outside the Pelican Rescue Center
Teague discovers Skype
And so does Mummy...
The canal through South Beach
 Megan are you feeling OK?
A striped shirt and a different hat
and he could pass for a gondolier

We don’t go to a marina very often.  In fact, since leaving the dock at Maine Yacht Center, we haven’t been to a marina at all!  We’ve been looking forward to this opportunity to get some work done on the boat and get it cleaned up and ready for our crossing.  Megan’s intestines have other plans…  The night before we’re to move to the marina, Megan is the sickest she has ever been in her life.  The next morning she can’t get out bed.  We decide to get to the marina so she can get to a doctor.  Today will be my first real day of single handing because she is almost 100% incapacitated.  It’s about an hour motor to the marina, then an exciting docking experience (we don’t go into slips so I don’t have much experience).  I manage to get us into the pilings-type slip alone and without any damage to our boat, anyone else’s boat, or my pride.  Beginner’s luck…

We get settled in and Megan decides to tough it out.  This lasts one day then we decide she has to go to the ER because she’s so dehydrated.  Knowing what it was like to have the whole family sitting in the ER with Finn in Lake Worth, she decides it’s best if she takes a cab and goes alone.  I stay with the boys and we explore the Pelican Rescue Center that is on-site at the marina. 

Megan returns late that night looking a little better.  I feel so sorry for her.  Being sick on the boat and in a strange city is no fun.

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