20 Dec 2006 – Finn's Trip to ER (Finn's photos)

Here comes Daddy with lunch
Finn's Doctor
A good patient

After our visit to Peck Lake, Finn had complained about a pain in his neck.  The pain seemed to manifest most when he wanted attention and wasn’t consistent with typical muscular neck pain – he could jump around and move just fine when he wanted to.  So we (mostly I) figured it was nothing more than an attention tactic.  Well later in Lake Worth, I noticed real swelling and felt like a real heel.  So it was off to the ER.  Finn was a trooper. He was a great patient and entertained himself by putting his new real digital camera that Granny got for him to use. 

After several tests, a CAT scan and an entire day at the ER (followed up by an entire second day waiting to get blood drawn), we found out he had an infection which proceeded to clear up just fine.

Florida turned out to be rough of most of the crew.  When we returned late at night from the ER to our dinghy which was locked up under a dark bridge in Palm Beach, I managed to cut my finger somehow on the manual tilt of the outboard.  Stitches were probably in order but after spending all day at the ER with Finn, there was no way I was going back.

Then following Christmas in Miami, Megan will come down with an intestinal flu that sends her to the ER so dehydrated she needs 3 liters of fluids.  We’ll be glad to get out of Florida and away from its hospitals!

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