27 Sep 2006 – Cape May, NJ

Calypso at Sunrise
The Hooster in Daddy's hat
More fun with hats
Cockpit fun on a calm day underway
Photos can't capture the insanity of Cape May inlet
Anchored in Cape May

We’re up at 6:30AM (sleeping in!) and underway half an hour later.  The seas are flat which is good since the crew could use a calm day.  But the wind is equally calm which isn’t so good.  This will be a day of motoring.

Calypso, a Benateau which anchored right next to us in Atlantic Highlands, and was right next to us this morning in Atlantic City is right behind us.

10:00AM the water is boiling with fish as far as the eye can see.  But no strikes after 1 ½ hours of dragging lures through them.  Megan says I’m lucky that no fish are striking so I won’t lose any more lures and line!  So far on this trip I’ve been spooled by 3 big fish who each snapped the line.  I haven’t landed a fish yet.  I need trolling gear.  My casting gear doesn’t seem up to the task.  At the rate I’m going, I’ll soon be out of line and lures.

11:15AM Fish are still everywhere but on my line.  The fish might not be biting but 4 dolphins swim right beside the boat.  Wow!

We arrive in Cape May in the early afternoon.  Entering the harbor is a mad house.  There are recreational fishing boats everywhere and no cares about their wakes.  I’m happy to get to anchor.  Anchorage is a little tight and just gets tighter.  Some of our company includes Calypso once again.

After shutting the engine down I record the hours and see that we’ve just passed the 100 hour mark.  I decide that changing the oil is so quick and easy on this engine (based on one prior experience) that I’ll change the oil and filter before we dinghy into town.  2 hours later, covered in oil, and cursing myself for determining that I didn’t need to bring a filter strap wrench on the trip, I’m finally done.  It’s getting dark by the time I’m cleaned up but we decide to dinghy to town anyway in search of ice cream.  Mission accomplished.  Chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon enjoyed by all.

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